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Home of Authentic Eritrean & Ethiopian food

authentic Eritrean and Ethiopian food

Our Quality

With a menu that has been carefully selected and prepared, all dishes are made with fresh, healthy ingredients.

At Asmara Bella, you will enjoy good quality Eritrean & Ethiopian Food. All the ingredients are prepared by hand, ensuring high quality and freshness. All dishes are served with handmade injera.

Enjoy the best Eritrean & Ethiopian food in Manchester, conveniently located at the city centre.


Our restaurant serves injera with every dish. Injera is a perfect complement to any meal. Eritreans & Ethiopians typically eat injera with various dishes and use it as a utensil or plate. For those who have never tried injera, it’s a thick, chewy bread made from teff or other grains. 

Meat Selection

Asmara Bella Bar & Restaurant has a wide selection of authentic Eritrean & Ethiopian meat dishes. The menu includes a variety of chicken, lamb and beef dishes, as well as vegetarian options.

Vegeterian & Vegan

We offer a wide variety of vegan and vegetarian dishes for those who are vegetarian or choose to avoid meat. The food is served with injera, an Eritrean & Eritrean flatbread made from a grain native to the region and traditionally eaten with most dishes.


Our Menu

Authentic coffee

Okay, so the Eritrean & Ethiopian Coffee might not be a coffee bean you’re used to drinking, but it’s definitely a coffee drink you won’t forget. Our coffee is best known for being one of the most popular coffees in the world. The raw bean is roasted at low temperatures until it turns soft and dark brown. It’s usually served with jebena (spherical-shaped pot)

Best Food Award for 2020

The Best Travel Channel

Asmara Bella Bar and Restaurant has been awarded a “Best Food Award for 2020”. The award is for being a great restaurant with delicious food and top-notch service. We would like to thank “The Best Travel Channel” for choosing Asmara Bella Bar and Restaurant for the award. To learn more about it, kindly click the link below to watch the video.


What you get


Whether you want to order for yourself or for a whole family, we can prepare your order to go.


Book a table to visit the beautiful Asmara Bella Eritrean and Ethiopian Restaurant.


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