About Us

Asmara Bella Since 2016

My name is Samrawit Tekle, a female entrepreneur, the proud owner and operator of Asmara Bella, an Eritrean and Ethiopian restaurant dedicated to introducing the world to the beautiful cuisine and culture of Eritrea and Ethiopia.

My dream is to bring my people’s food to Manchester — but that’s not all I want. I also want to create an environment in which we can all come together to celebrate a common love for good food.

Offering customers a truly unique dining experience, Asmara Bella serves dishes from the the Horn of Africa, including injera , a traditional sourdough bread that has to be eaten with your hands.

Located in Northern Quarter, it’s the ideal place for a quiet meal with family or friends, or to take a date, as thanks to its warm ambiance and welcoming staff.

We welcome you to stop by whenever you’re in the mood for authentic Eritrean food!


Please give us all the details about your prefered date, time and number of people. We would be happy to take your reservation.